Hi there, Welcome..! I am ARJAY MORENO, a wedding and engagement photographer for individuals. Detailed, Fresh and creative is how I describe my style. I've always loved art, drawing, painting, & photography, but photography has been my passion – the cream of the crop. I love and cherish the ability and insight to capture loving moments at a wedding that might otherwise be lost forever. My love for photography started right from the day I set up my photo booth and grew with every exposure I made from my lens.

It gives me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I'm able to turn photos over to my clients and they're appreciative and overwhelmed by the happy and loving memories they now hold dear. 

Photographs are a huge part of our lives; it's the only thing we have to show that we were ever even here. I am honored to be a part of something so ethereal.

For me, every love tale should be detailed, funfilled, emotion-packed and relaxed. When I look through that lens, I aim to capture a look, a smile, a touch, an emotion - this translates through to the photos that you take home. 

I strive to capture the happy moments, not just an image. You only get one chance to capture the moment and I'll make sure you get it.

I started my photography business in 2014 as a photobooth owner and I have grown in the art. I offer photography services for family, children, maternity, engagement & weddings. Specializing mainly in Weddings & Engagement.

Capturing memories between the “will you marry me” phase of a relationship to the “I do” moment gives me so much satisfaction that I feel guilty even calling it 'work.' I like to create happy, candid memories that will last forever. I am 100% dedicated to this beautiful art and therefore go beyond to produce images far beyond your expectations.

If you think my style is in line with yours, please give me a call on 707-567-1699 or drop me an email to the contact info page. Thanks for the time.